FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How is Peak Holidays different from other Holiday providing companies?

Our Experience in Holiday solutions has innovated our services to a higher degree of understanding and facilitating customer needs for Holidays. We have a dedicated team who brainstorm and identify the most happening Holiday locations based on the Trend and Season.

What are the Membership Details in brief?

Surely we like to keep it simple and easy for you to understand,
Membership= 3 Years    +     5 Holiday Packages    +    2Adults+2Children

What are the membership benefits with Peak Holidays?

We provide an exclusive collection of 40+ international and national Holiday locations to choose from. Our network of Holiday resorts and Hotels is unbeatable to any competition as we are connected with many of the best Accommodation facilitators.

How much in advance does the member need to inform Peak Holidays for availing a Holiday Package?

Member needs to inform 15 days in Advance during non peak Seasons (6th Jan to 19th Dec)

What charges will the member have to pay to avail a package apart from the membership Payment?

No Way, you do not have to pay a dime more than what you have deposited to us as membership fees. We arrange your travel and Accommodation as part of the membership. However, any extra services that the member opts at the resort will be payable by the member himself/herself.

*Utility charges are to borne by the member which is 650 INR/Night, to be paid while booking for a holiday.

Can a member combine more than package at one time?

We are extremely sorry we will not be able to help you with that, for better assistance to your holiday needs we would need a minimum of 30 days gap between holiday packages.

Can a member split a package?

We regret that splitting a package will not be allowed due to manageability and economical reasons.

What other benefits apart from regular membership does Peak Holidays provide to the member?

  • 2000 Reward points to each member at the time of Registration, Redeem these reward points at your favorite outlets!
  • Once you become a member to Peak Holidays, you are entitled to a free Complimentary package to Goa! During the non peak season.

*Utility charges are to borne by the member which is 1450 INR/Night, to be paid while booking for a Complimentary holiday.

Does Peak Holidays allow a member to transfer his/her holidays to other members?

Well we do not encourage transfer of Holidays to other members, however we allow members to Gift their Holidays to their Friends and Families with additional guest fee charges.

Does Peak Holidays have a customer service department to contact while the member is away on a holiday?

Yes Surely! Peak Holidays has a dedicated team of Customer Service with helpline numbers exclusively for our members to seek any advice or information wherever they are Holidaying by the membership.

If a member wishes to cancel his holiday Package after booking, how many days in advance will the member have to intimidate Peak Holidays?

We understand the occurrence of unforeseen events leading to cancellation of holiday packages and will assist our members completely; Based on the holiday package resorts/hotels chosen the advance notice varies as follows

1. Timeshare Resorts - A minimum of 30 days advance notice for cancellation is mandatory.
2. Non Timeshare Resorts - A minimum of 7 working days advance notice for cancellation is required.

Is the member allowed to book his/her holiday anytime of the year?

No, although we would be glad to offer you holiday packages all throughout the year, yet during the peak seasons that is the days from 20th December to 6th January, there is a high traffic of holiday goers and we regret that we will not be able to book any hotels.
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